Why should you start using protective clothes when repairing?

Nowadays, construction materials such as lumber are among the biggest cost after land and labour. Lately, lumber has been experiencing a notable increase in its price on the commodity stocks, a situation that has made construction design expensive. Rather than building new homes, many homeowners are opting to renovate their old houses. That is why home repairs have become trendy among homeowners.
Investing in personal protective clothing is one of the preventives measure any homeowner planning for a home repair should consider. Wearing Protective clothes is an effective way of keeping your body safe from hazardous element present during home repair activities. However, for maximum protection, it is important to ensure you wear your protective clothes correctly.
Furthermore, when a homeowner is dressed in the right gear during home renovations, they should not worry about likely hood of any injury. In this guide, we will discuss the
• Four reasons you should wear protective clothing during repairs
• Types of protective gear you should consider buying before a home renovation

Why you start using protective clothes when you are repairing your home

Here are the four reasons you should start using protective clothes when you are repairing your home

1. Protect your eyes

It is good to note that more than 90% of eye injuries happen because of lack of eye protection. When you wear safety glasses, you effectively guarantee the safety of your eyes. These glasses protect your eyes from construction debris or material that may harm your eyes when they come in contact with them. However, depending on the type of renovation you are planning to do for your home, there are different types of safety glasses. That is why you are supposed to enquire which type of safety glasses will suit your project.

2. Saves you from respiratory illness

During home renovation, just like any activity on a construction site, dust will be part of your environment. That is why you should wear a respirator to avoid breathing in dust particles that are harmful to your health. Always ensure you are wearing a good respirator to protect your lungs from dust and smoke, more so if you are an asthmatic person.

3. Protects your body

In any construction site, whether you are doing a renovation or building a new home, the environment is not safe. To avoid injuries from falling items, ensure your team dress appropriately with the right safety gear. Always ensure you wear fitting boots to protect yourself from wet soil, pieces of wood, or sharp stones that may damage your feet. Nonetheless, a fitting helmet protects your head from any physical injuries.

4. Increase the quality of work

Wearing the right protective clothing gives you confidence if the work is hazardous as the physical risk will be minimal. Also, protective gear gives you stability when the duty entails heavy lifting. In addition, it protects you from tripping and falling items. As a result, when you are comfortable, you produce quality work.

Types of protective clothing your crew should have

During home renovation activities, you must ensure your crew wear fitted protective clothing. However, such clothing should not cause you any discomfort when working. Below are some of the protective gears that should be available.

• Hand’s protection
When buying your work gloves, ensure they are well-fitting on your hands. The gloves should have a heavy-duty canvas, leather, or rubber materials to protect you from cut, concrete, chemical, or burn. It is advisable to be specific with each type of glove you select for maximum protection.

• Work pants
Ensure your team protect their arms, legs and torso fully to avoid cuts, burns, and scraps. Your work pants and shirts should be flexible to allow you to work with ease. This clothing should allow you access maximum mobility.

• Hard hats
Hard hats are common on many construction sites. This head protective gear will protect your skull when falling objects like stones strike your head. Always inspect if your hard hat has a crack before you wear them. It is advisable not to wear any hard hat that is cracked.


With increased prices of building materials in the commodity stocks, home repairs have become more common among homeowners than constructing new houses. When you are renovating your home, you require a wide range of protective gear. Such items protect your body from any possible injuries that may occur. That’s why it’s essential in investing in the right protection gear wear when you are undertaking your home renovation. Protective clothing relieves you from any health-related worries.

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