Best Tools for Basic Home Repair

Do you want to save money by doing small repair tasks by using your own skills? Instead of waiting for the repair person, you can solve the issue at any moment if you have the right tools. During the pandemic, most of the small services providers are shut off. So, buying your own tool kit for home repair seems to be the only option left these days. Instead of depending upon your skills only, try to look for the right tools for the basic home repair projects.

For DIY home repair projects, finding the right tool is more important than your skillset. A toolkit is built over a lifetime because it has all the tools that we usually use for home repairs. If you don’t have the toolkit yet, let’s have a look at the best tools that you need for basic home repairs.

  1. Hammer
    Almost every toolkit starts with the hammer on the top whether it is for home repair or auto repair. When you need to apply forced on the targeted area or need to hammer or extract the nails, hammers are used. There are three main different types of hammers depending upon the design of the hammer:
    • A claw hammer
    • A lump hammer
    • A sledge hammer
    Apart from these three types of hammers, there are hand-powered hammers and electric-powered hammers. The usual hammer that we find in the home repair tool kit is the hand-powered hammer.
  2. Flat or Philip Screwdrivers
    Screws can be found in small and large installations in the house. Screws can be tightened or loosen without the screwdriver. There are different sizes of screwdrivers required depending upon the size of the screws. Here are common options if you want different screwdrivers for your toolkit:
    • Buy a set of screwdrivers of different sizes or buy individual items
    • Choose a screwdriver with a tip and the adjustable size and shape of the tip
    • A small drill that can screwdrivers
    If you don’t perform DIY usually, avoid spending money on expensive products like a cordless drill for this purpose. Simply buy a set of screwdrivers.
  3. Pliers
    Holding, twisting, pulling, and bending require the use of force. If you are working alone on a project, pliers can make these tasks a lot easier. A snipe plier can be used to access the spaces that are not reachable with standard jaw pliers. You can also bend the wire ends with these pliers.
  4. Wrenches
    There are different types of wrenches for different jobs. You must have the popular options in your toolkit for home repair. Here are famous types of wrenches:
    • Open-end wrench
    • Adjustable wrench
    • Socket wrench
    • Allen wrench
    • Combination wrench
    Wrenches can be used for several applications like fixing and building wooden furniture items. An adjustable wrench is more preferable for a home toolkit because you can easily change or adjust the size.
  5. Saws
    If a home repair project involves a lot of wood, having a saw is a must. Instead of buying the electric saw, use a hand saw for smaller tasks. Using an electric saw requires skills and it will be hard for you to control the tool. Always buy the saw with a quality blade so your work does not stop due to the poor quality of the saw. There are options available for saw where you can change the blade too.
  6. Tape Measure
    You cannot guess the measurements while working on any DIY project. The measurements need to be precise and accurate. The tape measure is an inexpensive item but it can be extremely useful during work. Buy standard tape measures that can be used for all types of projects. For home repair projects, use the tape measure that shows both centimeters and inches.
  7. Stud Finder
    When you are hammering the nails or installing the screws, a stud finder plays the role of your eyes. This little gadget is used to detect the metal and wood pieces in the wall. Instead of guessing the location of the stud, you can simply determine the pinpoint location in the wall. The standard model will be enough for home repair projects.
  8. Flashlight
    While working in the garage or on the roof at night, you will have to use a strong flashlight. Instead of risking your safety with the mobile torch, be professional and buy a flashlight. Always use professional and safer options for home repair projects.

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