5 must-have Tools for your Home

Whether you own a small studio or a big villa, there are certain items that you must have in your home, in case you decide to become “Bob the Builder”. There is always a toolkit somewhere in the house that is rarely used but it always proves to be the most useful item in the home. Do you want to hang the newly bought photo frame? Are you looking for the tools to fix the broken doorknob? You are not going to call the professionals for every small fix around you.

Must-have Tools for Home
Having a DIY spirit is good but not having the right tools in your home is the real problem. Here, we are going to explore the essential tools for every home that can save your day. When things go wrong, these useful tools must be at hand. So, let’s have a look at the tools and prepare a new toolkit for your home.

  1. Screwdriver
    Ignoring the basic tools is the worst mistake. Screwdriver costs almost nothing but it can get great things done. This practical tool must be in your toolkit. Screws are included in almost every other item in your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and every other part of your home. There are several small spaces where the latest electrical equipment cannot reach. Buy a multi-functional screwdriver that can be used for flat-end and star-end screws.
  2. Cordless Drill
    The idea of having a drill for personal use may seem vague because these tools are meant for professionals. Well, the technology hit the tool manufacturing industry really hard and changed the way we utilize these devices. A cordless drill is generally available in a compact size for home use.
    As there is no external wire attached, anyone can easily handle the tool. For many reasons, homeowners have to drill holes in walls. These cordless drills can be used for hanging TV stands, kitchen shelf or even mirrors in the bathroom. The applications are endless. You just need to buy the lightweight and cordless drill for home use.
  3. A Stepping Stool
    DIY lovers know the need for a stepping stool. This item seems useless unless you have to reach something at a certain height. In the list of must-have tools, ignoring stepping stool will be an injustice. There are no technicalities involved in buying a stepping stool and you can use any stable stool in your home. From accessing the roof gallery to cleaning the upper portion of the wall, a stepping stool can be used as a safer ladder.
  4. Nails for Different Sizes
    Not all items in your home need to be hung and installed with the help of screws and drills. There are simpler ways to do things and using nails is the oldest trick in the books. Hammering a good quality nail can hold even the heaviest objects that you have around you. Installing nails with the hammer is a tricky task so you need to be extra careful with this stuff.
    While using these nails, you must know that nails are going to leave a permanent hole or mark on the wall. Nails can be used for only specific items so sticking to the recommended applications is a smart move. Use a small box to keep these nails of different sizes in a more organized way.
  5. Tape Measure and Flashlight
    Whenever you are going to order something or want to install new items, the size of the required item is the most critical part. Buying carpet is the major task where the majority makes mistake in the measurements. Wrong measurements can cost a fortune. Using tape measure is simple but this useful tool is really necessary for every home.
    The other item is the flashlight that is need of every person. No matter how good is the lighting of your home, there are places where only a powerful flashlight proves to be useful. The idea of using a flashlight on your smartphone is great unless you drop an expensive cellphone that results in real damage. Instead of risking these expensive smartphones, be smart and buy a powerful flashlight.
    Apart from the tools mentioned in this list, there are several other tools that must be in your toolkit. Instead of relying on expensive service providers for every little detail, gear up and use these tools to get things done.

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